Learning Resources for NMC OSCE Exam 2022

As an OSCE aspirant, you should definitely go through various criteria laid down by the three centers which are conducting OSCE Exam. Three centers include, University of Northampton, Oxford Brookes University as well as Ulster University in Northern Ireland. There are many other centers recently approved. They have made in collaboration some criterias which they would be bearing in mind while marking your OSCE Exam. Its very important that you go through each of these before attempting your OSCE.

Learning Resources for NMC OSCE Exam

Adult Marking Criteria

Adult Nursing Marking Criteria Sept 2021 

Adult Nursing Marking Criteria July 19 2019 Update

Adult Nursing Marking Criteria May 24 2019 NMC OSCE

Adult Marking Criteria NMC OSCE (old one)

Time Limits for NMC OSCE Stations 2022Download Now

OSCE Top Tips and Tricks 

OSCE Top tips NMC 2022 July

Adult Nursing Top Tips July 19 2019

Adult Nursing Top Tips May 24 2019

NMC OSCE Top Tips and Tricks

Mock Scenario – NMC OSCE mock scenario

Glove Requirement – NMC OSCE Glove Requirement

Hand Rub in OSCE – Hand Rub for NMC OSCE

Hand Wash in OSCE – Hand Wash For NMC OSCE

Infection Control Precautions in OSCE – Infection Control Precautions in NMC OSCE

Use of Apron in OSCE –  Apron Use in NMC OSCE

Oxford Brookes – Candidate Journey Oxford Brookes NMC OSCE

Candidate Information Booklet – Candidate Journey Oxford Brookes NMC OSCE

OSCE Preparation – How to prepare for your OSCE V3 Oxford Brookes?

Candidate Information Booklet – Candidate-Information-Booklet-Version-1.3 Ulster

OSCE Support Material Ulster – OSCE-support-materials-Ulster

The Code – NMC – NMC Code 2018

Adult Nursing Reading List – Adult-nursing-Reading-List

UK Guidelines for BLS – BLS Guidelines for NMC OSCE

Hopes this completes the list of learning resources from official universities conducting NMC OSCE Exam. We have added more resources in different stations article too.

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