NMC OSCE for Overseas Nurses in United Kingdom

nmc osceOSCE is Objective Structured Clinical Examination conducted by Nurses and Midwifery Council – NMC of United Kingdom. NMC is the supreme authority in United Kingdom when dealing with nursing registration. If you like to know about detailed NMC registration process for an overseas nurse to become a registered nurse in UK – Follow the link. Moreover, this website is specially made for those nurses who are preparing for the NMC Test of Competence part 2 or OSCE.

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) for NMC Registration

As discussed, OSCE is the last hurdle for overseas nurses. OSCE is otherwise known as NMC Test of Competence Part -2.

Pattern of NMC OSCE

Basically, NMC OSCE is conducted by three universities in United Kingdom namely University of Northampton, University of Ulster as well as Oxford Brookes University. There are some other universities as well who has come into the scene very recently.  You can book your OSCE at any of the university website, provided you should have the decision letter from Nurses and Midwifery Council, UK. In simple words, OSCE is a practical exam in a simulated scenario. There will be only actors or Maniquins.

As of now, there is a total of 8 stations in NMC OSCE. This includes Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation stations (The APIE Stations), Evidence Based Practice, Professional Values and also the Skills (involves four) station. Additionally in your NMC OSCE, there is no definite order that means you may start with APIE + 2 silent stations first or Skills stations. Lets discuss about different stations,

The APIE Stations

A – Assessment Station

In assessment station you need to assess a patient (actor) or a maniquin within 15 minutes of commencing the exam. Also, assessment can be a neurological assessment, NEWS2 assessment (National Early Warning Scale 2) or a community assessment. You need to calculate the GCS score or NEWS2 score or PHQ9 score respectively in each station. This includes charting of vital signs in the given observation chart and explaining to the patient about the score attained along with plan of escalation of care.

You also need to ask questions peculiar to the scenario. There are various assessment criterias as per university documents.

You can have a detailed picture of assessment by reading our Assessment Section

P – Planning Station

After assessment station, next one is the Planning station in APIE Stations of NMC OSCE. Planning station is a silent station and time duration is another 14 minutes. In addition to your answer sheet, you will be provided with the observation you charted in your assessment station and you need to write two care plans prioritising the problems of the patient.

You can know more about the planning station with tips and tricks – Click Here

I – Implementation Station

In implementation station of NMC OSCE, you will be provided a drug chart and you need to administer medication to a maniquin. In the given drug chart, details about weight, height, allergies, stat medications, prn medications and regular medications etc will be prescribed. Basically, you need to read aloud the whole prescription, identify patient twice, make note of allergies and medications already administered and you need to administer the oral drugs due at that point of time. Time limit for implementation station is 15 minutes.

Get a clear idea about Implementation Station – Click Here

E – Evaluation Station

In evaluation station has changed from previous module of OSCE. At present,  Evaluation station is a six minute station in which you will get ready for an SBAR hand over of the patient. You will be provided with all the examination papers of API stations. This is not a silent station now.

Get a clear picture about Evaluation station – Click Here

Professional Values and Behaviours

This is new silent writing osce station different from Legacy OSCE. Usual topics asked in this station is increased now and you need to have a clear picture about marking criteria of each of them. Time limit is 10 minutes

More about professional values and behaviours station – Click Here

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) station

This is another new, silent  writing station added to NMC OSCE. You need to make sure that you have learnt properly the marking criteria for each of those topics. Time limit is 10 minutes.

More information on Evidence Based Practice Station – Click Here

Skills Station

You will need to demonstrate four skills during your NMC OSCE. All the skills have different time limits now. Some times you will be asked to perform two skills together as well.

It can be any of the following,

Oxygen Therapy

Oral Care Plan Making

Nutritional Assessment

Nasopharyngeal Suctioning

Bowel Assessment

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Administration of Suppository

Pressure Area Assessment

Pain Assessment

Midstream collection of urine and urinalysis

Fluid Balance Calculation

Fine bore NG insertion

Administration of Inhaled Medication

Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT)

IV flush and visual infusion phlebitis

Peak Flow Meter (PFM)

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Removal of Urinary Catheter

Catheter Urine Sample Collection


There are many things to be noted while attempting any of the above said skills. We have gathered as much materials possible to help you pass your NMC OSCE successfully. Please, have a look on each of the procedures by clicking the links given above.

Results of NMC OSCE

Your OSCE result can be a pass or fail or partial fail. If you are passing yor OSCE Exam, your result will usually come on the second day after the examination. Then you need to pay around 152 BP to get your NMC PIN Number at NMC website. Now, after covid and due to increased number of applicants, you need to wait 45  days for you pin number.

A fail in OSCE can be a full fail or a partial Fail.

A full fail means you need to take the full OSCE exam again that is you have to pay 796 BP again for taking the exam

A partial fail means you have failed either in APIE stations or Skills stations which will be mentioned in your result emailed to you on the fourth or fifth day after OSCE. You need to resit only for the lost ones and you have to pay 396 BP for attempting your OSCE again.

If you need any information about the pathway of becoming a registered nurse in United Kingdom – Click Here

Latest Update on NMC OSCE by NMC – Know More

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