EBP Keywords -Memorising Evidence based practice station

Are you looking for some easy EBP key words to memorise evidence based practice station? You are in right place. Please make use of this article to learn and memorise topics in this station. Don’t forget to share with your friends who are preparing for their NMC OSCE.  All the new topics are discussed with […]

Evidence Based Practice – OSCE Silent Station

Evidence based Practice is a silent station in NMC OSCE like Professional Values and Behaviour station in NMC OSCE. This station is silent writing station of 10 minutes duration. Lets see how to tackle this station in this article

Professional Values and Behaviors Station

Professional Values and Behaviors is a new station which is a silent station added to NMC OSCE. This station come along with another station known as Evidence Based Practice which is also silent station of 10 minute time limit. This is a writing station and you will be given a scenario. You need to use […]

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