Intravenous (IV) flush and visual infusion phlebitis (VIP) assessment

Intravenous flush and visual infusion phlebitis assessment is another skill that is added to the skill station this year. In this article we will learn step by step procedure which will help you to pass

Fine Bore NG tube insertion for NMC OSCE

NG insertion is another skill added to NMC OSCE skill station. These are the steps to be followed while doing this procedure

Fluid Balance Calculation for OSCE

Fluid Balance is a newly added skill in NMC OSCE from July 19 2019. Fluid Volume chart is used to find the cumulative volume of fluid in and out of the concerned patient. The result can be a positive balance or a negative balance. You need to escalate the care accordingly. This article includes a […]

Administration of Inhaled Medication (AIM) NMC OSCE Skill

NMC OSCE Marking Criteria update on May 24th 2019 has included a new skill called “Administration of Inhaled Medication (AIM)”. This is a simple skill to demonstrate and you can deemed to be lucky if you gets this skill for your OSCE exam. Its more talking than doing. Error chances are very much less when […]

Original Adult Nursing Marking Criteria for NMC OSCE

Many of the nurses who are preparing for NMC OSCE don’t know about the “Adult Nursing Marking Criteria” prepared together by three universities conducting the exam. The universities participated in making of Adult Nursing Criteria are University of Northampton, Oxford Brookes University and Ulster University. Adult Nursing Marking Criteria was developed to provide uniform assessment […]

Articles and Equipment’s used in OSCE Centers

Overseas nurses coming to United Kingdom for preparing for NMC OSCE will have many queries in their mind. One of those it about the equipments available at the OSCE Center. In this article i am tryng to familiarize with you about the equipment’s, dressing sets and other things used in various osce centers. Hopes this […]

Urinary catheter removal procedure for NMC Skill Demonstration

Urinary Catheter Removal is another procedure you can get as skill demonstration for your NMC OSCE Exam. Time duration for the procedure is 15 minutes. Main errors candidates make is not emptying the catheter bladder fully while removing catheter. According to authorities, you don’t need to do catheter removal using a dressing set. It is […]

Injection Procedure for NMC OSCE Skill Demonstration

Injection skill to be demonstrated in NMC OSCE can be a subcutaneous injection or an intramuscular injection. Time for this skill is 15 minutes. It is important to verbalize various things while demonstrating this procedure. This includes verbalizing of doctors order, noting of batch number and expiry date, technique of giving injection etc. In this […]

Catheter Urine Sample Collection Procedure for NMC OSCE Exam

In this article, we are going to discuss about Catheter Urine Sample Collection or CUS which you may get as a skill to demonstrate for your NMC OSCE Exam. This is a very simple procedure. Time limit allowed is 15 minutes. You should note that Catheter Urine Sample Collection is a clean procedure. Main things […]

Peak Flow Meter PFM Procedure for NMC OSCE

Peak Flow Meter PFM is another simplest skill you might get to demonstrate for your NMC OSCE Exam. Time limit is 15 minutes, which is not an issue for this skill unless you have some speech disorders. During this fifteen minutes you need to introduce peak flow meter to patient, demonstrate its use, return demonstration […]

Basic Life Support – BLS Procedure for NMC OSCE

Basic Life Support or BLS is the simplest procedure you can get for your NMC OSCE exam. Time duration for procedure will be 10 minutes. Usually in hosptal resuscitation scenario is given. In case if community scenario is given, the number you need to call for resuscitation team is “999” instead of “2222”. Make sure […]

Aseptic Non Touch Technique ANTT OSCE NMC Procedure

Aseptic Non Touch Technique – ANTT is a nightmare procedure for most of the candidates who are appearing for Nurses and Midwifery Council, NMC’s Test of Competency, Part – 2 Exam or NMC OSCE exam. In this article, we are providing with you simple steps you need to follow in order to get a pass […]

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