osce changes from july 2020As you all know from July 20th, 2020 OSCE centers have reopened. Test centers have resumed testing. Return to practice nurses are also able to complete second stage of Test of Competence in order to rejoin the NMC Register.

What about those who are on a temporary register?

Candidates who are on a temporary register have been given priority at all the three OSCE exam centers. Candidates are also allowed to work on the temporary register whilst making the transition to the permanent register.

What are the amendments made in OSCE exam?

In order to keep every one safe in line with government guidelines, following changes have been made.

1. Removal of In hospital resuscitation skill (Resits are allowed)

2. No actor in assessment station and patients temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration and Oxygen saturation will not be monitored (candidate need to verbalize instead and a flash card will be given with information to be entered on the appropriate observation charts)

3. Time for assessment station has been reduced to 12 minutes from 15 minutes.

4. There will be a single examiner throughout your examination process.

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