Evaluation Station in APIE Stations of NMC OSCE ExamEvaluation is another silent station in your OSCE – NMC Test of Competence Part 2 exam. Time limit for completing evaluation is 15 minutes. You need to draft a transfer of care letter for your patient during this time under the following headings given in the evaluation paper. You will get all the papers you have completed in your Assessment, Planning and Implementation in this stage.

Evaluation Station in APIE Stations of NMC OSCE

You need to enter several details under different headings in this station. You will be getting your Assessment Chart, Implementation Drug Chart as well as your Planning Station Nursing Care plans in this station. You just need to put in the data from these papers into the evaluation paper.

Before, in OSCE it was mandatory to enter all the medications administered from the implementation chart. But, now they have removed this criteria from evaluation. You need to write just Prescribed Medications administered in the nursing interventions section of Evaluation station. Let’s see in detail about what all things are need to be written under different headings.

Patient Details

You need to enter your patient details in here such as patient name, hospital number, date of birth etc.

Reason For Admission and Subsequent diagnosis

This will be given in your assessment scenario and you also can read it from your implementation scenario. You just need to rewrite that. For eg. Patient came with complaint of head ache and subsequent diagnosis was Sub Dural Haematoma.

 Identify the main nursing needs addressed during the patient stay in MAU (Medical Assessment Unit)

You need to state only the two nursing problems you have written in your care plans.

Outline the nursing care provided to meet the identified needs

You need to write the nursing interventions you have done to the patient in “PAST TENSE”. Before, medication administered in Implementation section was written here, recently examination authorities have removed this part and you need to write only prescribed medications were administered.

Outline the patient’s current ability to self care based on the person’s care plan

Here, you need to write the self care part that you have written in your care plans

Document patient’s allergies and associated reactions

This will be given in your implementation chart, re state it along with associated allergic reactions

List areas identified for health education

List the areas you have given health education (Based on assessment – habits you have noted, lifestyle diseases, immobility, ROM Exercise, Deep Breathing Exercises, Relaxation Techniques Etc) Just bullet the points you have got.

Date and Time of Transfer

It will be given in the evaluation scenario, if not mention todays date and time

You will also have to write your name , signature and date at the bottom of the evaluation sheet.


Evaluation station is the simplest of all APIE Stations in NMC OSCE. You just need to rewrite everything you have assessed, recorded, administered as well as planned during other stations. Please don’t forget to write your name, signature and date at the end of the evaluation sheet. Candidates have failed because of not writing this part.

Answered Evaluation SheetsEvaluation Written Papers , PLANNING and EVALUATION Together

Evaluation Mnemonic evaluation mnemonic

Sample Evaluation Sheet used in OSCE – Evaluating Care Scenario Example Document


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