MSU URINALYSISMSU and Urinalysis is one of the skill for demonstration in NMC OSCE. All of you know that you need to demonstrate four skills in the new format of NMC OSCE. This is one of them. The time limit for this station is 8 minutes. Lets see how to do it in this article.

MSU and urinalysis for NMC OSCE

Introduction Phase

– After identifying the patient and introducing yourself, discuss the procedure with the person and gains consent for the procedure

– Explains to the person how to perform MSU (women to part labia and clean meatus with soap and water from front to back, men to retract foreskin and clean around meatus.) Urinate a small amount and then stop flow of urine. Hold the specimen pot a few centimetres away from urethra and urinate until cup is approximately half full.

Pre procedural Phase

– Cleans hands with alcohol hand rub, or washes with soap and water and dries with paper towels, following WHO guidelines.

– Checks that all the equipment required for the procedure is available and, where applicable, is sterile (i.e. that packaging is undamaged, intact and dry; that sterility indicators are present on any sterilised items and have changed colour where applicable).

Procedural Phase

– Gives person clean specimen pot. (Assessor then hands sample to candidate.)

– Dons a disposable plastic apron and non-sterile gloves.

– Dips reagent strip into the urine for no longer than 1 second.

– Holds strip at an angle at the edge of the container.

– Waits the required time before reading the strip against the colour chart – verbalisation accepted.

Post procedural phase and Documentation

– Disposes of equipment appropriately – verbalisation accepted.

– Cleans hands with alcohol hand rub, or washes with soap and water and dries with paper towels, following WHO guidelines – verbalisation accepted.

– Identifies the possible significance of the findings, provides appropriate health information to the person according to results, and informs of actions to be taken next.

– Accurately documents readings according to reagent strip.

– Documentation should be done in the following format given by the examiner.

midstream sample of urine and urinalysis

What can make you fail?

Failure to demonstrate ability to read urinalysis strip or record the results accurately correctly should receive a fail


OSCE has changed and evolved from its very beginning. This skill of MSU and Urinalysis has got a time limit of only 8 minutes. What you can do to pass the skill? If you are not doing any absolute blunders, stick to the marking criteria, there is sure chance of success. Even if you forget something, make sure you verbalise your mistake and explain what you would do in the ideal situation.

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