NMC OSCE CHANGES OCTOBER 2022NMC OSCE – Changes October 2022. NMC is introducing some changes, more than changes they are adding more skills and scenarios in different stations. Are you updated about this? If no, this video will help you understand what’s changing and what’s not? Any ways, as and when the test changes we will update our articles in oscetrainer.com to help you pass your osce exam. So let me take you through the changes expected from November 2022 in NMC OSCE.

NMC OSCE Changes – November 2022

First of all, Is this hot topic a rumour? Answer is sadly, this is not a rumour. All these discussions started when the new marking scheme criteria version 1.6 were uploaded by Northumbria University and Oxford University a few days back. On the website of Northumbria University, the update was mentioned with the headline “Breaking News – The New Marking Scheme Criteria version 1.6 recently uploaded does not go live until 26th September 2022.” But as of today, both the Universities have removed the new marking scheme criteria (V1.6) from their official websites and Northumbria has even removed the breaking news!

But on 3rd September 2022, NMC issued a statement “From 17 October 2022, we’ll introduce a selection of new scenarios and skills for the nursing OSCE. All test centers are in the process of publishing a suite of support and preparation materials for candidates and those delivering preparation and support program.”

Note:- According to the latest update from NMC this will be commenced only from 14th November 2022.

Luckily, we were able to have a copy of the adult marking criteria version 1.6 from one of the university websites before it was removed and let me walk you through the changes planned in this video.

New Clinical Skill Stations in proposed changes

– Administration of Suppository

– Bowel Assessment

– Nasopharyngeal Suctioning

– Nutritional assessment

– Oral Care Plan

and Oxygen therapy.

Changes in Scenarios of Professional Values Station 

There are new scenarios added to professional values station as well which are the following,
  • Concealment of bed status
  • Confidentiality
  • False representation
  • Falsifying Observations
  • Falsifying timesheets
  • Hospital food
  • Impaired performance
  • Laboratory results
  • Racism
  • Witnessed abuse

Evidence Based Practice Station – Changes October 2022

New scenarios added to evidence based practice stations include,

  • Ankle sprain
  • Asperger’s syndrome
  • Bedside handover
  • Cervical screening
  • Cranberry juice and urinary-tract infections (UTIs)
  • Dementia and music
  • Fever in children
  • Restrain
  • Saline versus Tap water.

We at oscetrainer.com have already started the process of making study materials for the newly added skills and scenarios.

Moreover, NMC has stated that the new changes will be added to OSCE only from November 14, 2022.

Official statement from NMCVisit Here

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