NMC Changes Planned in 2019 CBT OSCE OETIts important for everyone who is applying for NMC registration to know what’s going to happen immediately with NMC registration process in the immediate future. We are sharing with you the important webinar updates from NMC, made on May 23 2019. Major changes are coming in NMC overseas application process. Lets see one by one

NMC Registration updates – Impending Changes in 2019

Computer Based Test

NMC is going to Change the Pearson Vue center as competence partenr for reviewing and strengthening what’s in place. By July 2019 new CBT partner will be in place along with new system for registration. NMC will be running a new Test of Competence by end of 2019. Also a new test of competence will be in place by end of 2019.

Changes in Registration procedure

• Nurses will no longer need to provide training transcripts as the NMC will recognize them as professionals in their own right.
• Employer references will no longer be required.
• The NMC will be aligning police clearance with visa – simplified process (6 months).
• NMC applications will be totally on-line. Original documents will no-longer need to be posted to the NMC, just uploaded onto the system.
• An on-line progress tracker will be in place so that nurses can see where they are in the registration process.
• The NMC will be setting up a pre-application checklist so candidates will know if they are ready to apply. It will have prompts and answers embedded in the software so applicants will know what they need to do / provide. This checklist will also be available for download in PDF format for employers. The site will also be mobile phone friendly.

NMC hoping to eventually turn around process of applications in 30-40 days.

Changes in Language Requirements

• NMC will be reviewing using other language tests along with IELTS and OET.
• They will be looking at communication in practice and not just an overall test score.
• NMC currently in talks with OET to reduce C+ in writing.
• No plan to change scores in IELTS.
• NMC appointing new partner for CBT by September 2019. Changes to questions will happen
and new ones being added.

Changes in OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination)

• Lots of new preparation material will be made available and will reflect current and up-todate
• Number of stations may change, but as of yet no formal decision made.
• The look and the feel will stay the same and the OSCE won’t be any harder.
• There will be plenty of notice for any changes.
• Those already in the process will continue as before. Changes will only affect new candidates
on the change date (as with any previous changes made by the NMC).
• There will be no increase to the OSCE test with any changes made.


We are waiting for the new preparation materials for OSCE and will update soon as we gets more information about those.

Its a good change that NMC is making everything online and it will eliminate the need for sending transcripts from colleges in which nurses have studied as well as all verifications will be made online. There will be no worries related to postal delays.

It will be very good if NMC accepts C+ in writing in OET as many of the candidates find it difficult to gain a B level in their Writing part in OET.