Nutritional Assessment NMC OSCE Skill StationNutritional Assessment is a new skill added to NMC OSCE starting from November 2022. The  time limit for this skill is 8 minutes. More details are given below.

Nutritional Assessment Skill for NMC OSCE

In this skill, you will be given weight and height of the patient along with BMI chart. A MUST chart also will be provided. MUST is Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool. Also, current diagnosis/scenario with respect to the patient will also be given.

Candidate attempting this station need to,

  • Accurately calculate the BMI and the score in step 1 of the malnutrition universal screening tool (MUST).
  • Identifiy the percentage of weight loss and accurately calculates the score in step 2 of MUST.

BMI CHART Nutritional Assessment NMC OSCE

  • Interpret the clinical information provided and accurately calculates the score in step 3 of MUST.
  • Accurately calculates an overall risk score and identifies the correct risk category as per MUST Score. (see image below)

MUST Calculation Once

Documentation of nutritional assessment is done in the format given below.

Documentation Nutritional assessment


  • Document date, time and signature where required.
  • Candidate need to verbally report the findings to the examiner.
  • Candidate also need to verbalize that according to MUST score and risk category, the patient will need referring to a dietitian or nutritional support team.
  • Candidate will propose a plan to improve nutritional intake.
  • Candidate should also propose monitoring the patient’s nutritional status.
  • Candidate also need to consider and verbalize possible underlying causes, provides food choices and offers assistance with feeding, if required.

Other things to note is about handwriting which should be clear and legible. In addition to this, ensure that strike-through errors retain legibility.


Please note that this is not a silent station. You need to verbalize your findings including BMI of the patient, MUST score of the patient, risk category of the patient according to MUST score as well as need propose recommendations for the patient as well.

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