Oxygen Therapy – NMC OSCE Skill Station

Oxygen therapy is one of the new skill station added to NMC OSCE from November 14 2022. Time limit for this station is 10 minutes. More details are given below

Bowel Assessment – NMC OSCE Skill Station

Bowel assessment is another skill added to NMC OSCE Skill station starting from November 2022. Are you preparing for OSCE after November 14th? Then, you should definitely go through this article and make sure you are updated and informed about how to demonstrate this skill.

Blood Glucose Monitoring – NMC OSCE Skill Station

Blood glucose monitoring is another skill in NMC OSCE skill station  Time limit for this station is 8 minutes. Moreover, this can be one of the skills among four skills you need to demonstrate in your exam. Lets discuss more about this skill in this article.

Administration of Suppository – NMC OSCE Skills Station

Administration of Suppository is a new skill added to NMC OSCE. Time limit for this station is 10 minutes. Moreover, this will be one of the six skills added in NMC OSCE from November 14, 2022. Thinking of how to perform this station? This article is your answer.

Administration of Inhaled Medication (AIM) NMC OSCE Skill

NMC OSCE Marking Criteria update on May 24th 2019 has included a new skill called “Administration of Inhaled Medication (AIM)”. This is a simple skill to demonstrate and you can deemed to be lucky if you gets this skill for your OSCE exam. Latest time limit for this skill demonstration is 12 minutes. Its more […]

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