Pain Assessment Skill for NMC OSCE

In this article we will be discussing about the Pain assessment skill which is introduced in NMC OSCE from 2021. The time limit for this station is six minutes. You need to assess the pain of the patient using PQRST method. Lets see more in this article.

Pressure Area Assessment (Braden Scale) Skill in NMC OSCE

Pressure Area Assessment is a skill added in NMC OSCE from 2021. This is a silent station which means, you don’t need to verbalise anything in this skill station. Time limit is 8 minutes. You will be given a scenario with three questions according to scenario and you will be given a braden scale as […]

Fine Bore NG tube insertion for NMC OSCE

NG insertion is another skill added to NMC OSCE skill station. These are the steps to be followed while doing this procedure. The time limit for demonstration of this skill is 12 minutes.

Administration of Inhaled Medication (AIM) NMC OSCE Skill

NMC OSCE Marking Criteria update on May 24th 2019 has included a new skill called “Administration of Inhaled Medication (AIM)”. This is a simple skill to demonstrate and you can deemed to be lucky if you gets this skill for your OSCE exam. Latest time limit for this skill demonstration is 12 minutes. Its more […]

Catheter Urine Sample Collection Procedure for NMC OSCE Exam

In this article, we are going to discuss about Catheter Urine Sample Collection or CUS which you may get as a skill to demonstrate for your NMC OSCE Exam. This is a very simple procedure. Time limit allowed is 8 minutes which was previously 15 minutes. You should note that Catheter Urine Sample Collection is […]

Peak Flow Meter PFM Procedure for NMC OSCE

Peak Flow Meter PFM  or now termed as Peak Expiratory Flow Rate is another simplest skill you might get to demonstrate for your NMC OSCE Exam. Time limit is changed to 8 minutes from previous 15 minutes. During this eight minutes you need to introduce peak flow meter to patient, demonstrate its use, return demonstration […]

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