Planning Station NMC OSCE – Points to Remember

Planning station is a silent station of 14 minutes duration in the NMC OSCE.In this article we will be giving some tips for successful completion of this station along with examples of common problems and their nursing interventions. Previously there was a self care part to be completed along with nursing interventions in the answer […]

Oxygen Therapy – NMC OSCE Skill Station

Oxygen therapy is one of the new skill station added to NMC OSCE from November 14 2022. Time limit for this station is 10 minutes. More details are given below

NMC OSCE Proposed changes October 2022

NMC OSCE – Changes October 2022. NMC is introducing some changes, more than changes they are adding more skills and scenarios in different stations. Are you updated about this? If no, this video will help you understand what’s changing and what’s not? Any ways, as and when the test changes we will update our articles […]

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