EBP Keywords -Memorising Evidence based practice station

Are you looking for some easy EBP key words to memorise evidence based practice station? You are in right place. Please make use of this article to learn and memorise topics in this station. Don’t forget to share with your friends who are preparing for their NMC OSCE.  All the new topics are discussed with […]

Oxygen Therapy – NMC OSCE Skill Station

Oxygen therapy is one of the new skill station added to NMC OSCE from November 14 2022. Time limit for this station is 10 minutes. More details are given below

Oral Care Plan Making – NMC OSCE Skill Station

Oral Care Plan Making is one of the newly introduced skill in which you make oral care plan with respect to relevant scenarios. The time limit for this skill is 8 minutes. More details are given below

Nutritional Assessment – NMC OSCE Skill Station

Nutritional Assessment is a new skill added to NMC OSCE starting from November 2022. The  time limit for this skill is 8 minutes. More details are given below.

Nasopharyngeal Suctioning – NMC OSCE Skill Station

Nasopharyngeal suctioning is a skill added to NMC OSCE from November 2022. The time limit for this station is 8 minutes. We will explain in this article about how to perform this skill in NMC OSCE.

Bowel Assessment – NMC OSCE Skill Station

Bowel assessment is another skill added to NMC OSCE Skill station starting from November 2022. Are you preparing for OSCE after November 14th? Then, you should definitely go through this article and make sure you are updated and informed about how to demonstrate this skill.

Blood Glucose Monitoring – NMC OSCE Skill Station

Blood glucose monitoring is another skill in NMC OSCE skill station  Time limit for this station is 8 minutes. Moreover, this can be one of the skills among four skills you need to demonstrate in your exam. Lets discuss more about this skill in this article.

Administration of Suppository – NMC OSCE Skills Station

Administration of Suppository is a new skill added to NMC OSCE. Time limit for this station is 10 minutes. Moreover, this will be one of the six skills added in NMC OSCE from November 14, 2022. Thinking of how to perform this station? This article is your answer.

NMC OSCE Proposed changes October 2022

NMC OSCE – Changes October 2022. NMC is introducing some changes, more than changes they are adding more skills and scenarios in different stations. Are you updated about this? If no, this video will help you understand what’s changing and what’s not? Any ways, as and when the test changes we will update our articles […]

Evidence Based Practice – OSCE Silent Station

Evidence based Practice is a silent station in NMC OSCE like Professional Values and Behaviour station in NMC OSCE. This station is silent writing station of 10 minutes duration. Lets see how to tackle this station in this article

Professional Values and Behaviors Station

Professional Values and Behaviors is a new station which is a silent station added to NMC OSCE. This station come along with another station known as Evidence Based Practice which is also silent station of 10 minute time limit. This is a writing station and you will be given a scenario. You need to use […]

NMC OSCE Etiquette – Expectations

You may be in intense preparation for your upcoming NMC OSCE exam. Do you know what do NMC expect from you as your professional behavior during the OSCE exam? Confused, in this article we will go through the behavior/etiquette NMC is expecting from you during the course of your exam. 

Pressure Area Assessment (Braden Scale) Skill in NMC OSCE

Pressure Area Assessment is a skill added in NMC OSCE from 2021. This is a silent station which means, you don’t need to verbalise anything in this skill station. Time limit is 8 minutes. You will be given a scenario with three questions according to scenario and you will be given a braden scale as […]

Mid Stream specimen of urine (MSU) and urinalysis

MSU and Urinalysis is one of the skill for demonstration in NMC OSCE. All of you know that you need to demonstrate four skills in the new format of NMC OSCE. This is one of them. The time limit for this station is 8 minutes. Lets see how to do it in this article.

Intravenous (IV) flush and visual infusion phlebitis (VIP) assessment

Intravenous flush and visual infusion phlebitis assessment is another skill that is added to the skill station this year. Time limit for this skill demonstration is 12 minutes. In this article we will learn step by step procedure which will help you to pass

Fine Bore NG tube insertion for NMC OSCE

NG insertion is another skill added to NMC OSCE skill station. These are the steps to be followed while doing this procedure. The time limit for demonstration of this skill is 12 minutes.

Fluid Balance Calculation for OSCE

Fluid Balance is a newly added skill in NMC OSCE from July 19 2019. Fluid Volume chart is used to find the cumulative volume of fluid in and out of the concerned patient.You will be getting fluid charts of four different patients, to calculate the fluid balance. You will have 12 minutes to demonstrate the […]

MUST Score Calculation for NMC OSCE

MUST is Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool. Identifying a patient who is malnourished, or is at risk of malnutrition as early as possible is vital. MUST Chart helps the dietitian as well as doctors to decide how malnourished the patient is. Recently in July 19th update of NMC OSCE, MUST Chart has been included in OSCE […]

Neurological Assessment in NMC OSCE

Some candidates find it very difficult when they get neurological assessment for their assessment station in APIE Stations. Is there anything to be worried about? Do we need to do complete neurological examination prior to taking observations? Do you have to tell NEWS score of patient? Questions are many. This article will help you to […]

Medication Administration Record (MAR) – What You Needs to Know?

Implementation station of APIE stations is  a common pitfall in NMC OSCE. Many candidates have failed in OSCE only because of minor mistakes as well as occasional major ones in this station. In this article we will give a clear picture about Medication Administration Record (MAR) used in NMC OSCE  Implementation stations. Time duration for […]

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